1980-83 Robinson Pro and Regular BMX decal set on white

1980-83 Robinson Pro and Regular BMX decal set on white
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Officially licensed Robinson decal set for 1980-83 bikes on white vinyl, including the additional "Pro" downtube decals.

Reproduction decal set, officially licensed by Pacific Cycle, Inc. Decal sizes verified accurate against survivor decals. These decals are on white vinyl. Keep in mind, based on our research of catalogs, survivor bikes, and old magazine ads and articles this is as complete a set as we have been able to compile as of the day we printed. On some bikes, the smallest R's were used on the bottoms of the forks, seat mast (either side), and other places on the bike. On other bikes, the medium sized R's were used in those spots. We've included full sets of each as well as the hard to find "Pro" downtube decals - it is up to you to research/decide which decals you want to apply to your bike. Not all decals will be used.

This set includes:

  • four (4) - Medium "R" logo decals (for seat mast, bottom of forks, handlebars, seat post, etc) approx. dimensions: 1 5/16" wide by 1 5/16" tall)
  • one (1) -  headtube decal (Approx. overall dimensions are 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/16" tall)
  • two (2) - fork decals (Approx. 4 3/4" long and 3/4" tall)
  • two (2) - gusset "R" decals (approx. dimensions: 1 5/16" wide by 1 7/16" tall) - on bikes without gussets, these are not used - or they can be used on handlebars/seat post
  • six (6) - small "R" logos (Can be used for either side of seat mast, bottom of forks, etc. (approx. dimensions:  3/4" wide by 13/16" tall) - some bikes used the medium decals so it's unclear if it was year/model specific but we've included them for completeness.
  • two (2) - regular downtube decals (approx. dimensions: 5 1/4" long and 3/4" tall)
  • two (2) - "PRO" downtube decals (approx. 5 5/16" long and 3/4" tall) - used on Pro models, so if yours isn't a Pro model, these won't be used.



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