1976-81 Roger DeCoster Decal set

  • $39.95

Era correct for all 1976-81 frame sets.

  • Artwork has been drawn from scans of original decals to ensure historical accuracy.
  • Decals are screen printed to match the original decals.
Please Note: Fork decals are printed with translucent ink.  They historically were designed to applied to nickel-plated forks.   THEY WERE DESIGNED FOR PLATED FORKS - NOT PAINTED.  

This set includes:
  • one (1) - head tube decal
  • one (1) - down tube decal
  • two (2) - fork decals
  • one (1) - left seat stay wrap decal
  • one (1) - right seat stay wrap decal
  • one (1) - "Chrome Moly" top tube decal (based on year)

Frame decals are printed on chrome, fork decals are printed on clear.