Redline, a company that brings to mind, innovative engineering and design. Founded by Linn Kastan and Mike Konle, their background in building motocross frames brought an understanding of the use of chromoly steel to the forefront of BMX, a fledging sport at the time.  Their first retail product in 1974, a chromoly uni-crown tubular BMX fork proved to be virtually indestructible.  Later products like the Pro-Line frame with its 5" head tube and heat treated fork, as well as Flight Cranks made Redline one of the top brands in BMX.  Backed up by a team of champion BMX racers, Redline had the best riders to showcase their products.  Linn is still involved in BMX today with Redline By Kastan, a company dedicated to bringing classics to a generation of collectors and BMX aficionados. 

We had the opportunity to have a candid conversation with Redline founder, Linn Kastan in 2002.